DCH College Merit list 2023 | BA BSc Admission Online List {Published}

Dhurba Chand Halder College Merit list 2023 : DCH College Merit list of Session 2023 -24 will release soon on its Official site which will be available in an Online mode. Students those who are seeking for a chance to get admission should fill up the Application form with Valid details and submit it within the given time. Dhurba Chand Halder College Admission Time Table is available on College official page. Candidate must download the Admission schedule and take a step accordingly. No any Entrance Examination will be conducted for the Admission, as selection of candidates will be done on the basis of marks acquired by candidates in Higher Secondary Examination. Students those who have qualified their 10+2 Examination are allowed for the Admission. Read the Article completely for detailed information.

Latest Update On 24th July 2023 : The Dhrub Chand Haldar College merit list is now available to the public. Look at the merit list if you want to enrol in Dhruvatara College. If your name is on the list, the college will permit you to enrol. To access the DCH College Merit List 2023, kindly visit the link provided below.

DCH College Provisional Merit list 2023

12206555220107681CHANCHAL NASKAR93479SCUR
22206090220107116DIBBENDU HALDER98478SCUR
32205554220106523ANWESHA MONDAL92476GENUR
42200567220100770SAINAS PARVEN GAZI94475OBC-BUR
52200456220100320HIRAK BAIDYA94475GENUR
62208732220110422CHIRANJIT GIRI91475GENUR
72200138220100244RABIUL ISLAM MONDAL90474GENUR
82208007220109533DIPALI DAS85473GENUR
92201395220101446BIPASHA HALDER92472SCUR
102208306220109896MANAMI MIDDE93471GENUR
112205243220106093MOUSUMEE DAS93471OBC-BUR
122210148220112020SWAPAN DAS90471SCUR
132210152220112023SUMAN DAS90471SCUR
142201861220101952TRISHNA GAYEN90471SCUR
152201939220102067MILI MONDAL95470GENUR
162206175220107219MAHABUBA MAL93470OBC-AUR
172211096220113164SHUVAM MANDAL93470SCUR
182202039220102175SANANDA DAS NASKAR92470GENUR
192210172220112051DEJANI DAS85470GENUR
202206266220107542NAJIRA KHATUN94469OBC-AUR
212207714220109184GITA MONDAL90469GENUR
222208450220110048KARNIKA SARKAR87469GENUR
232200860220100716PRIYANKA SARDAR92467SCUR
242206672220107879KABITA TANTI90467GENUR
252200734220100612SABINA YASMIN MONDAL92466OBC-AUR
262209278220111025RIYA HALDER91466GENUR
272201337220101272BANDANA KARMAKAR90466OBC-BUR
282209624220111462AGRADIP ROY94465GENUR
292203203220103776SUMANA PRADHAN90465GENUR
302200134220100053SANGITA HALDAR86465GENUR
312207733220109206BAISHAKHI PATRA92464SCUR
322203737220104170SUHANI YASMIN91464OBC-AUR
332207529220108945PRIYA SARDAR88464SCUR
342209060220110755MAIMUNA MONDAL88463GENUR
352205688220106619MAHENDRA KANJI92462SCUR
362201242220101292TINNI MAITY90462GENUR
372206833220108056HASIBA MOLLA87462OBC-AUR
382200480220100309TRISHA KAMAR85462GENUR
392205514220106418BIDISHA MONDAL83462SCUR
402201942220108623ISHIKA DAS92461GENUR
412210239220112154SONALI BHANDARI87461GENUR
422202683220103028ANKONA GHOSH82460GENUR
432207932220109468BIDYUT SAHA91459SCUR
442203926220104378TITLI SARKAR88459GENUR
452209585220111421BIPASHA JANA86459GENUR
462200751220100726SUDIPTA SARDAR92458SCUR
472200049220102566SUNANDA SAMAI90458GENUR
482210426220112356INDRANI HALDER85458GENUR
492205465220106356SUSMITA HALDAR80458GENUR
502204827220113087SAYANTAN MONDAL92457SCUR
512202326220102428MANISHA HALDER90457GENUR
522203373220106405RACHANA MANDAL87457GENUR
532202083220102183SUBHANKAR DAS84457GENUR
542200575220100448SUPRITI SHAW82457GENUR
552207480220112693PRIYANKA DAS80457GENUR
562210622220112612BINA MONDAL90456SCUR
572208125220109647RINKU GAYEN86456SCUR
582205240220106108SUPRITI GHOSH90455OBC-BUR
592207928220109420SALMA FAKIR88455OBC-AUR
602201994220102070SUKANYA NASKAR87455SCUR
612205157220106003BISHAL ROY86455GENUR
622209927220111790DEEP MAJHI85455SCUR
632204691220105470MANASHI HALDER84455SCUR
642200239220100117SARBANI HALDER88454GENUR
652200146220100061PUJA HALDER88454GENUR
662204278220104822PABITRA SARDAR87454SCUR
672204365220104935ASMA KHATUN85454OBC-BUR
682203554220108661ATIJUL MALLICK83454OBC-AUR
692201251220101209CHANDANA DAS93453GENUR
702202580220102916MARIAM SHAIKH92453GENUR
712209337220111200PUJA PAIK90453SCUR
722207186220108483SUJAN NASKAR85453SCUR
732204868220105615SUBHASISH BODHAK84453SCUR
742206789220109122MAFUJA KHATUN90452GENUR
752209171220110874TUHINA HALDER88452OBC-AUR
762205039220105863PUJA HALDER87452SCUR
772210428220112359PRAMILA MANNA81452GENUR
782200790220100635SUVASHRI MONDAL81452SCUR
792204177220104700RUNA PARVIN KHATUN80452OBC-AUR
802200447220100335SENJUTI MANDAL80452GENUR
812203955220104443ROHIT HALDAR87451GENUR
822200688220101661SUMANA NASKAR82451GENUR
832202190220102329CHANDRIMA SARDAR95450SCUR
842206983220108270DEEPA MONDAL90450SCUR
852210881220112916NISHAT TASNIM87450GENUR
862203867220104309MITU PURKAIT86450OBC-BUR
872203669220104111RUPSA BAG82450GENUR
882202405220102661SHILPA HALDER81450OBC-BUR
892205056220105873VISAKHA SARDAR80450SCUR
902204291220104895DEBRAJ HALDER73450SCUR
912210579220112557SRADHYA ROY98449GENUR
922202032220102179DIPIKA MONDAL90449SCUR
932210031220111887JANNAT NOORI KHATUN90449GENUR
942201591220101771MD AL MAMUN MOLLA90449OBC-AUR
952203215220103627PUE HALDER90449SCUR
962206686220110576AMIT KAYAL82449GENUR
972202067220102145SUNNY DEY95448OBC-BUR
982206648220109137POLY HALDER88448GENUR
992207831220109326JUAIRIA KHATUN87448GENUR
1002200102220100048RAKHI HALDER82448SCUR
1012201522220101513PIU MAYRA78448GENUR
1022205522220106496KRITTIKA MONDAL97447SCUR
1032206759220107976SHILPA TIKADAR90447GENUR
1042202662220102981KUHELI SARDAR87447SCUR
1052206562220107726TUHINA MOLLA90446OBC-AUR
1062205847220106815MANDIRA DAS86446OBC-BUR
1072203832220108648SAHINA KHATUN86446GENUR
1082201742220101825RIMA GHOSH84446OBC-BUR
1092209596220111428DOLI HALDER80446GENUR
1102205187220106057RAJAT HALDER90445GENUR
1112204122220111758ANYATA PRAMANIK87445OBC-BUR
1122201487220101521NASRIN KHAN85445OBC-BUR
1132208233220109786SUSMITA ROY84445GENUR
1142201954220102997RISITA GHOSH83445GENUR
1152207675220109250PRIYANKA CHAPADAR72445SCUR
1162206355220107427ALISHA MOLLA90444OBC-AUR
1172210161220112028ARPITA BAJKHAN87444GENUR
1182204360220105026TANDRA PRAMANIK73444OBC-BUR
1192204910220105677MANISHA MAL86443SCUR
1202206681220107883ARNAB SARKAR84443GENUR
1212201178220101154MADHUMITA GIRI82443GENUR
1222200344220100205TRIPTI HALDER75443GENUR
1232210613220112586PALLABI BHANDARI74442GENUR
1242202505220104269JYOTI HALDER87441GENUR
1252206975220108274MONAMI PAUL87441GENUR
1262205852220106851SUTASHREE HAZRA85441GENUR
1272201359220101376MD AMIN UDDIN MOLLA85441OBC-AUR
1282202017220111059CHANDANA NAIYA90440SCUR
1292204767220105494RUMI DAS86440GENUR

Dhurba Chand Halder College Merit list

AS we all know that Dhurba Chand Halder College is one of the Well-known Institute which is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Various courses like BA, B.Sc., B.Com and BCA is offered by college for the Admission. Some of the important details like Eligibility criteria, Merit category, Merit list, Application date and seat availability is available on Official site of college.

DCH College Merit list 2023 | BA BSc Admission Online List {Published} 10th August

About of DCH College Dakshin Barasat Admission Merit List 2023 -24

Name of the College Dhurba Chand Halder College
Session 2023 -23
Location Barasat, West Bengal, India 
Affiliated University of West Bengal 
Courses BA, B.Sc., B.Com and BCA
Type of courses Honours and General
College type Degree College 
Official website www.dhurbachandclg.ac.in 

Schedule – Dhruba Chand Halder College Merit list 2023

On line application form fill up dates01/07/2023
Last date for online application15/07/2023
Date of Publication of Total Applicant’s List18/07/2023
Dates for intimation to the college (through e-mail) for any discrepancies in Total Applicant’s List18/07/23 and 19/07/2023
Date of Publication of Total Applicant’s List after correction-Merit wise20/07/2023
Date of Publication of Provisional First Merit List (For Honours Courses- Merit wise)20/07/2023
Online Admission Form Filling from 1st Merit List (HONOURS COURSES)20/07/2023
to  21/07/2023
Date of Publication of Provisional 2nd Merit List (HONOURS COURSES)22/07/2023
Online Admission Form Filling from 2nd Merit List (HONOURS COURSES)22/07/2023
to  23/07/2023
Date of Publication of Provisional 3rd  Merit List (HONOURS COURSES)24/07/2023
Online Admission Form Filling from 3rd Merit List (HONOURS COURSES)24/07/2023
to  25/07/2023
Date of Publication of Provisional 4th  Merit List (HONOURS COURSES)26/07/2023
Online Admission Form Filling from 4th Merit List (HONOURS COURSES)26/07/2023
to  27/07/2023
Date of Publication of Provisional 5th Merit List (HONOURS COURSES)28/07/2023
Online Admission Form Filling from 5th Merit List (HONOURS COURSES)28/07/2023
to  29/07/2023

Honours Subjects And Courses Offered of DCH College 2023

  • Bengali
  •  English
  •  Sanskrit
  •  History
  •  Political Science
  •  Philosophy
  •  Education
  •  Geography
  •  Economics
  •  Physics
  •  Chemistry
  •  Mathematics
  •  Botany
  •  Zoology
  •  Micro Biology
  •  Commerce

General Courses Offered of Dhurba Chand Halder College 2023

  •  B.Com General
  •  B.Sc (Pure) GENERAL
  •  B.Sc. Bio GENERAL
  •  BA General

Course wise Intake Capability of DCH College 2023

Bengali (Hons.)572473118110
English (Hons.)572473118110
Education (Hons.)572473118110
History (Hons.)572473118110
Pol. Sc. (Hons.)572473118110
Geography (Hons.)167213231
Arabic (Hons.)3615427569
Zoology (Hons.)125112223
Botany (Hons.)116213225
Economics (Hons.)116213225
Philosophy (Hons.)219214340
Geography (Gen.)2812325454
Computer Science (Gen.)114112120
Physical Education (Gen.)219214340
B.A. GENERAL1467621169852821982822

Download Dhurba Chand Halder College Admission Merit list 2023 : 

Dhurba Chand Halder College Merit list provides the Name of the Candidates those who are considered eligible for the Admission  students those who have submitted their Application form should check their Names in Merit list by following the procedure given below 

  • Click on Dhurba Chand Halder College Official website www.dhurbachandclg.ac.in 
  • Official page of DCH College will display on the screen 
  • Go through the Admission portal 
  • Click on your desired course Merit list link from the given option 
  • Enter the credentials if required 
  • Submit your details 
  • Finally your DCH College Merit list will be downloaded 
  • Check your Name and other important details 
  • Download and save 

DCH College prepare Merit list according to candidates Qualification score, Number of Seat availability and Merit category. Candidates those who have achieved Highest percentage in their 10+2 Examination will be placed on 1st Merit list. Reservation of seats will be given to ST/SC and Physically imbalanced Candidates which is an act passed by Government of West Bengal

DCH College Merit list Important Links

Merit ListClick Here
General Information Click Here
Admission Notice Click Here
Important Dates Click Here
How to apply Click Here
Courses Offered Click Here
Criteria For Merit ListClick Here
Fees Structure Click Here
Number of Seats Click HereClick Here
Documents Needed for Application Click Here
Documents Needed for Admission Click Here

DCH College 1st Counselling List 2023

On the final day of Admission procedure, College Officials will program a Seat Allotment round for all the selected candidates those who are eligible for the Admission. Students those who couldn’t get their Names in Merit list are not allowed for the Counselling round. Documents like Madhyamik Admit card, HS Examination result, Fee receipt, transfer certificate and Caste certificate is required for Verification process. Visit our website www.jobsandhan.com in order to grab latest news and updates related to DCH College Admission Merit list 2023 .

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